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At cBITE we like to translate our knowledge and expertise into interesting, state-of-the-art educational activities in order to share our passion for research and teach the new generation of scientists. cBITE is therefore involved in several bachelors and masters programs at Maastricht University, such as Biomedical Sciences, University College Maastricht and the Maastricht Science Programme where we teach and tutor both practical as well as theoretical courses in subjects ranging from Big Data, foundations of physics, regenerative medicine to chemistry and cell biology. We also regularly offer internship possibilities for both bachelor and master students. Please have a look below for more information!


The Biomedical Sciences master

The master in Biomedical Sciences (BMS) focuses on state-of-the-art methodology and skills that enable researchers to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms in health and disease with the ultimate goal to restore health.

One of the five specialisations within the master BMS is "Regenerative Medicine": creating solutions to restore structure and function of permanently damaged tissues and organs by using a combination of science and technology. Topics focus on both the molecular biological (including stem cell biology and gene therapies) and technological (including tissue engineering and bio-fabrication technologies) aspects, and the combination thereof within a clinical context. Have a look at this video which explains this master track further:



What do we offer?

  • Highly interdisciplinary projects
  • Involvement in the ongoing projects of cBITE
  • Learn new skills:
    • Wet lab: cell culture, PCR, western blot, microarray, microscopy, and many more
    • Computational: image analysis (CellProfiler), gene expression analysis (ConsensusPathDB, Cytoscape, ArrayExpress, ConnectivityMap), VirtuallCell, R
    • Professional: writing skills, presentation skills, creative and critical thinking
  • A lot of fun!

When can you start?

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply and are welcome the whole year round but placement is dependent on availability of supervision. For Maastricht University FHML students, an overview of available internships can also be found on the UM internship page. Search for "cBITE/MERLN".

Potential projects

Note that the projects below, give a more general direction of where the research should go to. Up to a certain extent, these projects can be modified to fit your wishes.



New bachelor and master students at our department are asked to read a selection of manuscripts describing past and present research at cBITE. The link to list can be found here.



Courses at Maastricht University in which cBITE is involved:

  • Lecturing:
    • MBS1304: The Science and Technology of Regenerative Medicine, Master Biomedical Sciences
    • SCI3050: Case Studies in Biomedical Sciences, University College Maastricht
  • Tutoring:
    • BBS1002: Homeostasis and organ systems, Master Biomedical Sciences
    • BBS2042: Cell signaling
    • BIO1001: Introduction to Natural Sciences: Biology
    • BMS2001: Designing Scientific Research, Master Biomedical Sciences
    • CHE3002: Transition Metal Chemistry
    • ITM2105: Thinking and doing, Bachelor International Track in Medicine
    • MBS1304: The Science and Technology of Regenerative Medicine, Master Biomedical Sciences
    • PHY1002: Mathematical Foundations of Physics, Bachelor Maastricht Science Program
    • PHY2002: Vibrations and Waves
    • PHY2003: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
    • PRA1001: Research Methods, Bachelor Maastricht Science Program



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