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We are recruiting!

Our group is looking for a PhD candidate who will study the transcriptomic landscape at the cell-biomaterials interface and experimentally investigate them in materials used in the field of regenerative medicine. 

Learn more about the position here.

New article out in Scientific Reports!

Ayseguls scientific report pubblicationOur recent, collaborative effort to create surface topographies by evaporating soluble collagen and inducing its self-agglomeration has just been published in Scientific Reports!

In this manuscript, ee demonstrate a robust and simple approach to form collagen substrates with different topographies by evaporating droplets of a collagen solution. Upon evaporation of the collagen solution, a stain of collagen is left behind, composed of three regions with a distinct pattern: an isotropic region, a concentric ring pattern, and a radially oriented region. The formation and size of these regions can be controlled by the evaporation rate of the droplet and initial collagen concentration. The patterns form topographical cues inducing a pattern-specific cell (tenocyte) morphology, density, and proliferation.

Read the full article here https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-81054-5#Sec8

Ayşegül ran for best pitch in FameLab competition at TU/e with a talk "May the force be with your tendons"

Aysegul news for website January 2021

FameLab, the science communication competition where young researchers pitch a scientific topic of their choice in three minutes or less. Along with 10 other scientists at TU/e, Ayşegül gave a pitch in April 2020 to describe her PhD project, tendon tissue engineering in a Star Wars theme. Although she was not selected as the TU/e finalist, Ayşegül says she is proud to combine two passions of her life: science, and Star Wars. 

TUe and BiS Welcome I Fon!

I Fons photo

TUe and BiS welcome I Fon Bambang! We are excited to have her join our group as Lab Administrator to help bring more order into our expanding group.

The Lustrum Book of Protagoras by our own Joska!

                                 Lustrumbook minJoska     

During the academic year 2018-2019 Protagoras, the study association for biomedical engineering turned 30 years old. To cover the special activities in the lustrum year a Lustrumbook was made. Joska helped with putting this excellent book together. 

Protagoras is the study association for biomedical engineering at the TU/e. Joska did a board year for the association, in the year we turned 30, also their 6 lustrums. She made a lustrumbook with other people of the association which covers all the events during the year.

We are very proud of Joska's work! 


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