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Boosted by Educational Innovation-Applied Cell Biology Bachelor Course at TUe


ACB debatingACB debating 

Nothing inspires more than hands-on experiencing and debating science and yet, theoretical courses are typically focused on knowledge transfer, and designed in a traditional lecture setup.  In the master’s phase it is more common to supply students with hands-on experiences and the opportunity to apply their knowledge. However, to setup a bachelor course in this way is a big challenge, because of the large number of students. Nevertheless to activate and motivate students it is essential to embed hands-on (practical) experiences in a course and create situations where students are challenged to discuss about what they have learned.

With these above motto, Jan and Sultan designed and run the Applied Cell Biology course for the first time in Q2, 2019-2020 at TUe with a very high number of student enrollment (above 100). "Applied Cell Biology Course Design" project is supported by an Educational Innovation Fund-Boost. The course was designed from scratch to promote active learning. A broad range of innovational teaching learning methods including blended learning, challenge-based learning and research-based learning are carefully implemented in the course design. If you are a BME or BMT student and also interested in Biomedical Engineering Challenges we strongly recommend you to enroll the course. 




Lecture on 'Modernizing glaucoma Surgery: The SEAMS and ISEA projects'



BiS and the Platform for Therapeutic Biomaterials Discovery are hosting Prof. dr. Henny Beckers to give a seminar about 'Modernizing glucoma Surgery: The SEAMS and ISEA projects' on Thursday, 30th, January at Ceres 1.26. Henny is an eye surgeon at Maastricht UMC specialized in glaucoma surgery. She can talk contagiously enthusiastic about surgical challenges related to glaucoma shunt devices and bridges the gap between clinical problems to engineering solutions. 





Lecture on 'Photonic integration in sensing and metrology'



BiS is hosting Prof. Kevin Williams’ lecture entitled “Photonic integration in sensing and metrology” on Monday 13 January 2020 at 13.00h, venue t.b.a., to learn more about possibilities to miniaturise and automate biomaterial discovery. Kevin Williams is a Full Professor and Chair of the Photonic Integration research group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His key fields of expertise include photonic integrated circuits, semiconductor lasers and their application in communications and sensing. https://www.tue.nl/en/research/researchers/kevin-williams/




Workshop on Finding the Blind Spot in Medical Implant Safety


BiS will co-organize and host the workshop “Finding the blind spot in medical implant safety” in the first half of 2020.
An invited team of experts in material science, the clinic and policy will discuss visions on implant safety and
how that relates to clinical reality in accordance with the New EU Rules on Medical Device Safety.
The event will take place in at the TU/e campus and based on it a white paper will be written to build a national initiative on implant safety.
The exact dates will be announced soon.


2019 NBTE Best Chair Award


Aysegul won the best chair award at the annual meeting of the Netherlands society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (NBTE) 2019.

She was awarded for stimulating questions to the presenter, communication with the audience and keeping the discussion alive.

Congrats Aysegul, very well deserved.



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