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Jan lectures on 2019 Nobel prize in Medicine and Physiology



Jan gave a lecture on this years’ Nobel prize in Medicine and Physiology on 29th October, 2019 at TUe.

At the annual Nobel laureate evening, organized by ICMS, Jan explained why the award was given to the discovery of how cells respond and adapt to oxygen levels.

For more information please see the link.


Dutch Design Week


Jan told the story of 'Braille for Cells' as a huge public outreach activity of TU/e with a concept of Drivers of Change at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, 23rd October, 2019. You can reach the full programme here.

The Kick-off Meeting for Therapeutic Biomaterial Discovery Platform

Prof. Patricia Dankers and Prof. Jan de Boer host the kick-off meeting for 'Platform for Therapeutic Biomaterials Discovery” at ICMS-TU/e on 4th September, 2019. The meeting started with the welcoming of Jan and continued with very inspiring lectures given by Prof Morgan Alexandar, Prof Doris Heinrich, Dr Huipin Yuan and Dr Patrick van Rijn. After lectures, four paralel workshops were conducted about scaffolds, hydrogels, polymers and particles which are being used as common biomaterials. The main discussion was about to make a standard pipeline for biomaterial discovery platforms and start this standardisation process at TU/e with our own biomaterial research.

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