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We are looking for enthusiastic M.Sc. students

We have an exciting M.Sc. project on calorimetric detection of lithium in whole blood using microfluidic sensing systems for motivated students with a background in biomedical or mechanical engineering.

If you are interested, please see details here

JandeBoerlab won the Open Science Use Case Award!


It's our pleasure to announce that jandeboerlab won the USE Case competition

at the Open Science Festival Netherlands 2020 #OSF2020NL.

By cBIT-the Compendium for Biomaterial Transcriptomics-website.

One of the most outstanding comment from the reviewers is:

"A clear description of an open science use case: written from the OS angle, even though it is just about PID's and standards, it is an inspirational story" and  “an interesting use case, focused on bioinformatics data sharing. It would be interesting to have a perspective of lessons learned broadly applicable to other domains as well.”

Due to Covid-19, the award ceremony will be on 2 July 2020, 15.15 - 16.45 PM virtually to share the inspiration offered by this use case with the wider open science community.

Open Science festival will be held on February 11th, 2021.

TUe and BiS Welcome Burcu!


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TUe and BiS Welcome Burcu! Please read her interview especially about working from home in these hectic Corona times! Many of us find a lot of overlapping between our experiences! 

Immune Modulation by Topographies just accepted in Advanced Science!



Our collaborative work conducted in University of Nottingham in the laboratories of Morgan Alexander and Amir Ghaemmaghami with our TopoChip platform just accepted in Advanced Science. Congratulations to all participating authors. The article is about using topography to control human monocyte attachment and macrophage differentiation to induce pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory or regulatory immune responses . You can reach the original article here where you will be inspired once again how topographical cues direct cell fate to provide a platform to design ‘immune-instructive’ biomaterials for implantable medical devices to fight against foreign body rejection.





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